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Welcome to Dimensions!

Vita Health LabsWelcome to Dimensions.  We are committed to the manufacture and worldwide distribution of quality health and beauty products that make you look and feel great!

From our popular branded products to private-label products, we apply the latest technology and 'know how' to bring products to market such that they are unique, appealing and compliant to the ever-changing marketplace and regulatory environment. 

You won't find higher quality products than those produced by Vita Health Laboratories and we make sure that our pricing is the best in the business.  Customer satisfaction is our primary goal!



At Dimensions we understand that we must constantly be innovating because the world of health and beauty products is constantly evolving.  Our customers demand the best so you can count on us to make use of the latest technology in research and development, appealing packaging technology and outstanding human talent.  You can be sure that our products are up-to-date and that they are delivered using the most trusted distribution channels.  We appreciate our loyal customers!

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